Tim van Rooyen

Futzer Feeler Explorer

Instagram. What’s the big deal?

To me it’s Group Therapy. It’s a linear timeline showing how I’ve grown as a picture taker into a picture maker. A life log showing the influence my compatriots have had on my outlook and perception.

I’ve grown to love and cherish the core group of Jozi Instagramers like family members. I miss them when we are apart. Some of them have high profile online identities, yet they’re the most meek in person. Others are more down to earth on their feeds, yet they are the strongest people I’ve met. All of them have had a profound impact on the way I make pictures.

Composition is only part of the process. Opportunity and location are important. Telling the story of people and their environment make a picture.

Through Instagram I’ve met the most amazing group of storytellers. I’m glad they’re part of my own story.